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Choral Festival 2022

Al Shlosha D'varim- Allan Naplan

Skye Boat Song- arr Jay Althouse

Tue, Tue- arr. Ruth Morris Gray 

Jabberwocky- Donald Dilley 

I Sing Because I'm Happy- adapt. Rollo Dillworth 

Choral Festival 2020

Hine Ma Tov

Bird Song

Dona, Dona

When I Am Silent

Play for Me a Simple Melody

Choral Festival 2019-1.jpg

Choral Festival 2019

The Voice That I Hear - Jim Papoulis

Cardinal - Andy Beck

Winter Singers Her Song - David Waggoner

Lift Every Voice and Sing - Greg Gilp;in

Up on the Mountaintop - Caldwell and Ivory

Choral Festival 2018

Our Gallant Ship - Susan Brumfield

Grow Little Tree - Andrea Ramsey

The Wind - Franklin Gallo

Sisi Ni Moja - Jacob Narverud

Shine on Me - Dilworth (Two-part)

Choral Festival 2017.jpg

Choral Festival 2017

Antiphonal Cantate - Greg Gilpin

Amani - Audrey Snyder

We Will - Jim Papoulis

Red River Dances - arr. Cristi Cary Miller

Sing - Pentatonix/arr. Mark Brymer

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